Tapas at The Townhouse

How do you feel about tapas?

For me, it’s a dilemma – I like the idea of trying lots of different dishes in one meal, but equally, much like Joey in Friends I’m quite greedy and struggle to share food. Unfortunately, my husband is a hater of food sharing too, which means tapas is rarely a dinner option when we go out.

Which is why I’m grateful that less-greedy friends of mine suggested we pay a visit to The Townhouse Tapas & Wine Bar in Tunbridge Wells for wining and dining.

We called ahead and reserved a table in their outside seating area, which turned out to be a good move – the warm weather had encouraged everyone to amp up the al fresco, and we nabbed the last spot.

Nothing lends itself to summer better than rosé, so we ordered a bottle of the rioja blush (£17.95) – a dry and crisp rosé which was a little too refreshing (essentially, so nice I drank it like water and then stood up and realised I’d perhaps enjoyed it a bit too much).

Choosing food was a harder task because you have to try and be mindful of everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements, hoping they’ll want what you want, but also hoping they don’t love your choices as much because you want more to yourself (see, I told you I’m greedy).

In the end, we chose a Mediterranean Spanish charcuterie board complete with chorizo, tortilla, cheeses, breads – and a vodka gazpacho shot each, in case the wine just wasn’t hitting the spot (£15.95), and then a selection of hot and cold tapas – two dishes prawns, a patatas bravas and erm, Spanish pigs in blankets, because, well – you only live once. For all four it came to £19.95.

We did briefly worry we wouldn’t have enough food for us all, but when it all arrived there was more than enough. Not only was it all delicious (those pigs in blankets were a winner…), it was so filling we had plenty left at the end. I did contemplate putting some chorizo in my handbag for a late night snack, but I think that was just the rioja talking…

If you’re in Tunbridge Wells and are looking for a nice, sociable meal with good food and drink I’d definitely recommend The Townhouse. I know sunny British summer days are few and far between, but if you can get a table outside, it makes the experience all the more authentic – and the money you’ve saved on flying to Spain, you can spend on wine – top tip!






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