Zorba Meze Grill

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get around to writing this blog post, but now that Christmas is over, I’m officially swapping turkey for Turkish and encouraging you to pay a visit to Zorba Meze Grill in Tunbridge Wells.

The restaurant opened earlier this year, and has been doing a roaring trade ever since. It’s family owned and run, with Mr Zorba himself greeting customers and serving food, and the place is friendly, welcoming and great for big groups and couples alike.

But, THE FOOD. Despite the fact that in the last week I have consumed not one but two Christmas dinners, (plus a LOT of chocolate) just thinking about the dishes at Zorba is making me so hungry I could eat everything on the menu.


The cold and hot meze options are a good place to start – I’d recommend getting a few to share (and if you don’t like sharing, order more than one of your favourite dish.)

Each time I’ve visited I’ve added different dishes to my repertoire, but the favourites I always come back to are all from the cold meze menu, and include: the hummus which in my opinion and as someone who eats a lot of hummus – is one of the best around, the dolma (vine leaves stuffed with rice and pine nuts) and the Çali Fasulye – green beans in an olive oil sauce. The cold mezes are £4.95 and the hot just £5.95, and portion sizes are decent – especially the hummus, which they serve with an entire basket of bread.

All prepared freshly and grilled on the mangal, the main grill dishes are out of this world. The seabass is divine but my personal favourite has to be the chicken shish – every time I visit I announce I’m going to try something different, but I can’t – it’s too good, and at £10.95 it’s great value too.

Mains are served with a piece of flatbread, rice and a side salad, and I’d recommend asking for the garlic and chilli sauces on the side – they really add an extra kick!

If you’re not too full from all the meze and main, then some of the traditional baklava to finish, along with a Turkish coffee is a must.

The restaurant also has a lunch deal, and for £10.95 you get a wrap, rice, salad and a cold meze starter which is pretty good value – and dangerous when you’re on a work lunch break and a Pret salad isn’t quite cutting it…


If you haven’t yet visited then make it your New Year’s Resolution to do so. And if you fancy picking some food up for me too then I wouldn’t complain…

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  1. We delighted to say a Big Thank You for the artickle, i thing we are very luck that we do have a great customers like you to taking afford to writing about us. We also being proud to serve such a decent customers…

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