I’m with The Band

I’ll be the first to admit – I’m just not that into musicals. Yes, I have seen some and liked them (enough to see Wicked twice) – but as a general rule, once the storyline of a performance continually gets broken up by outbursts of song,  I find myself losing interest.

However, when you bring together a whole host of songs I know and a really good storyline, I’m hooked – which is what happened when I went to see The Band at The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.

The musical is based on the music of Take That, and stars five lads who appeared on BBC’s Let it Shine, and is really bloody good.
Fun fact: it’s co-directed by Jack Ryder, former Eastenders heartthrob (yes, I had the posters – although interestingly, no posters of Take That).

The musical tells the story of five young TT obsessed girls, who lose touch at 16 but are reunited through their love of ‘the band’.

DSC_1054_FullRes_Sm copy

The way the music works around the storyline is brilliant, and this is a testament to how good the show is – I didn’t find myself checking my watch once. AND I stood and raised my arms in joy to Never Forget like a true carefree boyband-loving teen.

Also, it’s really funny and a little bit sweary – perfect for a girls’ night out, but maybe cover your child’s ears  – as we left I heard a mother say to her son “I know it’s not appropriate for ten year old boys, but thank you for coming with me and letting me have this moment”. Aww. (Bet he’s already heard those words from her anyway).

Sadly the run of The Band has ended at The Marlowe, but the good news is, the tour has been so popular its run has been extended – so if you didn’t manage to catch it in Kent this time around, it’ll be coming to The Orchard Theatre in Dartford next February. Which I know is a while wait, but it gives you 11 months to dig out those old recordings of Top of The Pops and familiarise yourself with the dance moves…


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