5 of the best beaches in Kent

Littlestone Beach

The heatwave called…it’s time to get your beach on!

Guys, I don’t know if you’ve heard but a heatwave is heading our way. That’s right – for a few days of summer, it’s going to feel like actual summer. Madness. And what do we do when the sun comes out? We either drink copious amounts of rosé in the sun while scoffing barbecued food – or – we head to the beach.

Kent, being the Garden of England and all that is known for its greenery, but it also has some pretty stunning coastline too. Apparently 350 miles of it (so beware if anyone suggests a run on the beach…)

Because I live right down near the Kent/Sussex border, my nearest beaches are Camber Sands or Rye Harbour. Which are both well worth visiting – but you’re not here to talk about Sussex are you? You want to know more about what Kent can offer you. Well, friends, wait no more – grab your bucket and spade and head for the sea…


Whitstable Beach

People talk about Whitstable being ‘up-and-coming’ but I think it’s safe to say it has truly up and come. The town itself is lovely – quaint shops, charming eateries and tonnes of delicious seafood, but it also has a beach just steps from the High Street. It’s all pebbles so take a comfy towel, but it’s a great place to people-watch, and with oyster and food stalls lining the walkway you’ll never be far from a local delicacy either.


In Folkestone you have multiple locations in which to soak up the sun – if you head down to the harbour you can choose between sand or stone – to the one side you have a long stretch of pebble beach (with a snazzy new walkway to make strolling along easier), and to the other side you have Sunny Sands – the only sandy beach for miles around – and home to the annual Folkestone sandcastle competition.


Littlestone Beach

Just down the road from New Romey and along the coast from Dymchurch you’ll stumble across Littlestone beach. This mostly shingle beach is quieter than neighbouring Dymchurch in the summer months, but is just as pretty. Ideal for dog walks, picnicking and general sun-worshipping, it’s a great spot on Kent’s coastline. Oh and it also has its own microclimate, making it one of the driest places in Britain. Leave that umbrella at home!


Another one of those ‘up and coming’ places is Margate, which is now a bustling seaside town with all manner of cool stuff – art galleries, amusement parks, vintage shops…and a pretty good Primark. But, enough about that – we’re here to talk beaches, and Margate’s ‘Main Sands’ beach is exactly that – a gorgeous stretch of sand just minutes from the town centre, with children’s rides, deckchairs and a real retro feel.

Botany Bay

Botany Bay

Just outside Broadstairs, discover the gorgeous gem that is Botany Bay. This secluded spot has soft sand, white cliffs and stunning views – it’s well worth the trip. It hasn’t got a blue flag for nothing, and is one of the most photographed bays places in Kent for good reason. Or, if you’re in Broadstairs itself, the central Viking Bay is also brimming with character – it has a real nostalgic charm, from its promenade, rides and colourful beach huts.

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