The Local Lust List #2

Welcome to week 2 of my Local Lust List. Like many people, I’ve been really struggling with the concept of wearing normal clothes again and not just living in the same leggings and t-shirt combo, so browsing online for inspiration for this blog post has given me a nice bit of escapism, and also the chance to discover some great local boutiques, makers and creators. I haven’t yet actually got further than wearing an old pair of ‘house’ jeans (so not much of an upgrade from leggings) but it’s something…

This week I’m lusting after…

1.  The Meek Boutique Embroidered Top

Lynne Meek from Styling Matters runs The Meek Boutique, and has recently added this embroidered top to the collection, and it’s ideal for sunny days, whether they’re spent in the garden or (hopefully) somewhere far flung *wishes really hard that there’ll be a summer holiday to go on this year*

2. Sleepy Wilson Aurelie Flamingo Stripe Silk Shirt

Now this is loungewear I can get on board with. This silk pyjama top makes a luxurious sleeping garment, but I’d also totally wear this out. Or y’know, in. But in a fancy way.


3. Chalk ‘Weekend’ Sweatshirt from Maisie K

I love a navy sweatshirt, and lockdown seems like the best possible time to add this cosy ‘Weekend’ edition from Maisie K in Cranbrook to the wardrobe. The only issue is I have no actual idea what a weekend now…

4. Bumble & Bees Leaf Earrings

In case you hadn’t checked the outside world in a while, it’s now spring. Or, hayfever season if you’d prefer. Celebrate everything looking a bit greener and cheerier with these lovely earrings from Bumble & Bees.

5. The Make Shed’s Beachcomber Bag

Not only is this bag from The Make Shed perfect for throwing all of your summer belongings into, it’s also completely made of recycled plastic bottles found on beaches. So clever! So eco!


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