The Local Lust List #5

A busier than usual week last week meant I didn’t get the chance to pull together week 5 of the Local Lust List. So this is week 5, but kind of week 6. But I’m calling it 5. To be honest I don’t really have any concept of days, weeks or time any more so I could call it week 483 and I wouldn’t be sure I was wrong.

Anyway, over the last few weeks I’ve (obviously) been spending a fair amount of time inside, which has led to me wanting to update pretty much everything in my home. Unfortunately my bank balance won’t allow for a Grand Designs-esque makeover, so instead I’ve put together an interiors themed Local Lust List for this week. I mean, if we’re still being made to stay inside, we might as well fill our homes with lovely local things, right?

This week I’m lusting after…

1.  Kagu Interiors’ Mame Ceramic Serving Bowls

I found it hard to pick just one thing from Kagu’s gorgeous array of interior pieces, but in the end I settled on these dishes because I’m eating a lot during lockdown, so I may as well do it stylishly…

2.  Half Cut Candles’ Beauty of Kent candle

I’ve long been a fan of Half Cut Candles and have owned several in the past. I mean, a scented candle combined with a wine bottle – what’s not to like? I spotted this Beauty of Kent candle and thought it was very fitting for this list, and the notes of green apples, figs, sage, rosemary, moss and amber sounds like the kind of scents I’d like wafting about my house all the time.

3. Love Inc’s Neon Sign

When Love Inc had a physical shop in Tunbridge Wells, I frequented it far more than is acceptable and bought  A LOT of things in there. (Mostly cheeky greeting cards and tasseled jewellery). But, one thing of theirs I’ve always wanted is this neon sign, which I’ve been lusting after for many a year. And will continue to do so for many more, I expect.

4. Rising Star’s Vintage Chair

I fall in love with pretty much everything Tara from Rising Star has in stock, and this chair is no exception. I spotted it on her Instagram (where she’s selling her goodies during lockdown), and it’s just so pretty. If I didn’t know my cats would ruin it in 2 seconds flat, I’d be snapping it up for sure.


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