5 ways to style a Tees by Phee sweatshirt

Autumn is my favourite season for many reasons, but aside from it being my birthday and red wine becoming the accessory to almost every meal, I also love it because it means the cosy jumpers can come out to play.

This year, I have a new addition to the jumper family, in the form of a Sophmore Sweatshirt from Tees by Phee. I’ve known Phoebe a little while and love her whole collection of bee and motif embroidered clothing. Earlier in the year I bought one of her half-striped t-shirts and I’ve had so much wear out of it, so when she got in touch to ask if I’d like to try out one of her new sweatshirts, I said “yes bees!” (I didn’t, because that would be incredibly embarrassing out loud, but written down….yeah, it’s still lame but I’m going with it.) My 1/4 zip sweatshirt is a size small.

If I thought I’d got a lot of wear out of the stripe tee, that was nothing. I’ve been wearing this sweatshirt practically non-stop since I was sent it, and not only does it go with everything, it also washes well, as I can confirm after spilling red wine all over it and it lifting right out. It’s lovely and soft without being too warm, and is also a great length – I love a longer sweater and at 5″3 this just covers my bum so it’s perfect for wearing over leggings or jeans. (I wouldn’t advocate just wearing this to cover your bum, it’s too chilly out for that.)

Rather than just do a long, rambly post about how versatile this sweatshirt is, I thought I’d show you some different ways I’ve styled it. My bum is covered in all of the pictures, so if you were here just for that, I’d leave now.

Fall florals

I have quite a few floral midi dresses and skirts, but as the season changes I tend to retire them in favour of warmer items. But, until it gets so cold I can’t poke one pasty leg out of the side split in this dress, I’ve decided to team it with studded boots and my TBP sweatshirt. As I mentioned, this jumper is quite long, but it also works really well rolled up at the hem, which then looks like it’s tucked. (I can only apologise about my face in this picture – it’s honestly the best one I took, and I took hundreds.)

Cosy loungewear

I think we can all agree, loungewear has become much more essential this year. Sometimes, I put on normal clothes, but 99% of the time I’m just in leggings and a sweatshirt, so this one fits the bill perfectly. Lazy sundays (who am I kidding, lazy everydays) just got a lot more stylish.

Feeling fancy

If, like me you always feel slightly overdressed in heels and a frock then adding a sweatshirt is a great way to give your outfit that smart casual balance. And, no need to worry about losing your jacket after a few wines either. Who said you can’t wear pink tulle and glittery stilettos with a jumper? Not me.

Under overalls

I love wearing dungarees, and this sweatshirt works really well as an extra layer underneath them. Speaking of extra, I thought I’d add some bold accessories to the look to keep it interesting, so I opted for huge gold hoops and a leopard print headband.

Getting physical

Whether you’re heading to a spin class, yoga or a dog walk (which is what I’m doing here – if you squint you can see my friend’s large brown poodle frolicking in the sea), this sweatshirt is perfect for throwing on over leggings and getting active in. It’s great for wearing pre and post workout, and for breezy coastal walks it’s great because the high neck zip stops the pesky wind freezing you to death…and you also don’t need to worry about your scarf blowing away and landing in the sea.

Check out Pheobe’s full collection of clothing here. She’s always adding new things to her range, and she’s a small Kent-based business, so please give her some love and support. And bee nice. (Sorry.)

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